Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are certainly not new to the fashion scene! However, they’re that 1 fashion piece that’s a hit or miss for many. Personally, they’re a hit for me, and here’s why……


  1. Wide legs – Palazzo pants have big wide legs that start to flare out around the mid thigh area. Your legs have room, and I’ve actually felt cool in my palazzo pants due to the wide leg. I’ve always loved the look of a wide leg pant whether you dress them up with a heel or dress them down with a sandal, they’ll still be just as cute!
  2. Looks great on curves- Most women like myself look for clothes and other fashion items that compliment their God given curves, and for me, that’s palazzo pants! Sure you have boot cut jeans/pants or you may even be into the skinny leg look. But usually with palazzo pants they fit your waist and hip area then begin to flare out. It gives special attention to your curves! I have yet to see a booty look terrible in palazzo pants!!
  3. They’re versatile- I’ve seen palazzo pants dressed up and I’ve also seen them dressed down! They come in different colors and patterns as well. Who doesn’t love a good piece of clothing that can be worn a few different ways.
  4. Comfy- who doesn’t like to look cute and fashionable and feel comfortable all at the same time?! If I could get all 3 while being in heels and girdles I’d definitely be on to something!

Here are a few pics of how palazzo pants work for the curvy woman! Enjoy!

Rocked mine with a cute solid color peplum top
Rocked mine with a cute solid color peplum top. Palazzo pants purchased from Ross
Chastity Garner of Garner Style
Chastity Garner of Garner Style
Chante' B of Everything Chic & Curvy
Chante’ B of Everything Chic & Curvy

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