Its our Blogiversary!!!!

Well would you believe that…..Naturally Jorrie has turned 3!!!! Three years ago, after losing my fulltime job, I received the help from a friend to figure out what exactly my purpose and passions were! After a few days and some deep conversations, I began process of building a brand. And let me be completely frank, THIS IS ISH IS HARD!!!! There are so many moving pieces to maintaining your brand. And when you’re a busy body like myself, you’re dabbling in some of everything……of course with things that involve fashion, beauty, and confidence!


So far since our 2nd blogiversary, Naturally Jorrie has:

-Moved forward with building a clientel for makeup artistry

-Participating in runways OUTSIDE of chicago

-Opened an online store to sell my custom brooches (and possibly will be adding my some custom dresses and shirts too)


Cheers to 3 years and totally looking forward to what’s instore for the upcoming year!



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