My $32 look I almost missed out on being cheap!

Sometimes we just make things sooooo unnecessarily hard for ourselves! Here is a story of how I completely stressed my self out and almost missed out on a great bargain.

The day before leaving for Houston (I was vending at the Miss Plus World Pageant) I had nothing packed to wear for the final night of the pageant (being a pageant girl of course I had LOTS of dresses in my closet but I wasn’t the look I wanted). So I decided to get off work and go shopping with less than 12 hrs before it was time for me to leave <<<<<<< this is was the 1st mistake! I’m always packing at the very last minute.

So I walked around one of my favorite stores (Last Chance) for about an hour and half looking for something that was NOT a floor length gown but still cute and appropriate to wear to a pageant. Oh, and I wasn’t trying to spend any money…..crazy right?! I began feeling hopeless because nothing was jumping out at me, until I saw the doors from the back open with a rolling rack of clothes that were getting ready to be put out!

I didn’t want to look thirsty and bombard the fella that was putting the clothes out….although I was because I still needed to pack my suitcase 😩. But as I watched him replenish the racks I saw this rose gold number in the sea of other discounted garments. The 1st dress I touched was far too big and made me look like I had on a potato sack! And I didn’t have the time to try and do some quick alterations on a too big garment. So l kept browsing, eventually wandering in the size 12s and 14s….👀clearly I was desperate and hoping something hadn’t been put back in its rightful place!

Low and behold in the 14s was the dress I had tried on in a much larger size a few minutes prior. Contemplating on whether I should even grab it, I figured if it didn’t look terrible with my clothes underneath then I would take it with me. Well, it didn’t look terrible! Lol But then the next issue was the price! Now this store has a amazing sales all the time and this particular day it was 50% off blue tickets. Well this dress wasn’t a blue ticket and that alone pissed my little cheap self off! I had refused to spend any more money on trivial things because I wanted to be sure I would enjoy my trip to the fullest. But y’all, when I tell you how I was going to leave this dress in the store because of it’s price you are probably going to slap me! Lol

Anywho…..I stood in the mirror looking at the dress, admiring it, envisioning my hair and makeup, but one thing was missing……SHOES! Of course I couldn’t have a dress and no shoes! So now I’m stressing all over again but then a lightbulb went off! I realized I bought some really cute tan shoes with rose gold studs from this same store (paid $8) MONTHS ago and never wore them! Just crazy right?! 🤦🏾‍♀️ I still wasn’t sold on the price of the dress though.

So now at this point I had a dress in my hand that I felt was worthy to wear to the pageant but I wished it was cheaper, and I already had shoes and accessories at home to match! I had to call in for a second opinion and who better to ask than Mom?! Though I wasn’t surprised, she loved the dress and instantly saw my vision! It was indeed a really cute dress! And then she basically told me I was being petty about not wanting to get the dress because of the price after she realized I hadn’t purchased it yet. After her stamp of approval I happily walked to the register and rang out paying $24 ($22 before tax) for my beautiful rose gold sequin cocktail dress!

Yes, I was about to leave this cute $22 dress in the store because I was being cheap! Lol but it all worked out and I couldn’t have been more happy!Of course I adorned my dress with a pretty, one of a kind rose gold brooch made by yours truly!

Moral of the story: You cause unnecessary stress by overthinking! STOP! Just do it, buy it, eat it! YOLO!

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