A Prisoner to the Tag

I always thought that retail shopping was an activity that ALL women loved and enjoyed! When I am out and finding amazing deals and great items, I am in total bliss!!! Countless stores filled with amazing garments and accessories is all that it really takes for me to go rogue in any store or shopping center! But unfortunately I have come to realize that not all women find joy in retail therapy. In fact, many women absolutely hate shopping!

It was like I just said some bad swear words right?! Lol But yes, I’ve crossed paths with many women who don’t enjoy shopping. And the reason being is……..they don’t like the way they look OR the size on the clothes tag! Yes girl!!! You read that right! Some women are allowing a size to stop them from slaying!
All of this started to come to me while being at work. Working in the bridal industry, I have the pleasure of meeting so many women from all walks of life who are either getting married or standing up in someone’s wedding. And the most common thing I experience at work is how extremely UNhappy many of these ladies are when it comes to the size on the tag inside the dress. I’ve even had friends who have also been down about this samething when they see the size on the tag. Now granted, i completely understand why they feel what they feel but what I can’t understand is why we allow a number to dictate our beauty and self esteem.
Who would even know what size you are if you didn’t tell them?
Absolutely NO ONE! And to be honest many people couldn’t careless what your size is. I have never had anyone dying to know what size my clothes were. If they were, it’s probably because they want what I have on and for that instance I’m fine with it. But my point is….people are not concerned with the size of your clothes. If they are then they need some business of their own.

The size really shouldn’t matter….you should be more concerned about the actual fit of the garment.
In my line of work I have women who will purposefully order the wrong size dress (and swear they will lose the weight to get in it) just so they won’t have to order the size that actually fits. Not only does this add more pressure and stress to you but now you are unhappy stressing over fitting into a dress when you could have just ordered the size that was right for you to begin with. Remember, it’s always easier to take the garment in than it is to let it out.
And while I know that people have fitness goals that they are striving to reach, the added pressure of having a set amount to lose by s certain time JUST to fit into a dress seems like it would drive you into insanity. Girl just get the size that fits! Above anything else, comfort should be something that everyone experiences in their clothes.
Truth is, you will be beautiful regardless of the size on the tag. Stop trying to live up to societal beauty standards and start owning your beauty!

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