#OOTD for under $50!!!


With the warm muggy weather in the high 80s and 90s around the Chicagoland area, it was almost too hot for clothes this weekend! But, I’m proud to say that my curves and I made it through cool, cute, and I didn’t break the bank! In fact, the outfit in the above picture cost less than $50!

While some people may prefer to shop at Target over Walmart, I personally can almost find something cute and fashionable in any store I step foot in! This cute lace shirt pictured above was purchased for $9.88 in Walmart! Yes, WALMART! Ladies, you can also get this cute top in 2 other colors, teal and red. There are hidden treasures in Walmart…..stop underestimating them!

This year I’ve been completely into the edgy yet fashionable look of distressed jeans! I’ve managed to collect about 5 pair so far this year, and it’s only June. Last month, I picked up these cute light weight jeans that are apart of the Kardashian line from Sears Outlet for just $12! They look and feel great, and can be dressed up or down. And my chocolate peep toe heels were purchased a while ago (3+ years ago) for $10 from Chernin Shoes! Cheers to bargain shopping!!!

There’s absolutely no better feeling than being cute, stylish, and saving money while doing it!

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