Naturally Jorrie on the runway!!!

You read that right!!! Little me has mustered up enough courage to put myself and my clothes on a runway!!! Late March, (with the help of a friend) I convinced myself to participate in the Style Rivals competition in Chicago , IL as a stylist/designer and it was definitely a one of a kind experience. Wow! Finally embracing both titles is a big step for me but I was secretly hoping that my participation would help with that.

This year was the 2nd annual Style Rivals Competition. A competition for Chicago based stylists to compose 4-8 looks and place them on the runway to be judge by a panel of judges. The winner received $250 cash prize, photoshoot, and a branding consultation with a branding firm in the Chicago and the of course the bragging rights of being the stylist of the year. But for me, I entered into the competition for a completely different reason. I wanted to challenge myself to actually get out there and let the masses know about my God given talent. I also wanted to see my clothes on other people besides myself and feel proud of my work. And would believe that that’s exactly how I felt if not more! The immense joy and pride I felt trumped any amount of fear and doubt that crossed my mind.

This was my very first fashion show but I guarantee it won’t be my last. Check out video footage and pictures from of my looks from the 2018 Style Rivals Competition!

Big thank you to my friends at E.Dele and NicNac Designz for providing jewelry and accessories for the models!

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