Dream BIG or go home!!!

Dream:  (4a): a strongly desired goal or purpose

I believe that dreams are one of God’s various forms of communication that he uses to speak to us. He places these visions and desires in our minds and spirits and it is completely up to us to decide whether we will act on them and work hard to see them come to fruition or just simply ignore the vision. I applaud and admire those who wake up and decide to make their dreams a reality. I am absolutely positive that it is an extremely tiring journey but seeing the very thing that God himself gave you a vision of and the things you’ve prayed for be completed has to be a feeling of pure triumph and gratification. Currently, I am in the process of working on my own dreams and definitely not afraid to admit that I am EXTREMELY thirsty for them to be fulfilled!

Over the year I have had the absolute pleasure to connect and vibe with a fearless, fabulous dreamer! When I met this woman and learned of her story and goals and aspirations I was in awe! Even our petty sides complimented one another LOL…..seriously! It’s not too often that you meet people and the vibe is just right where you feel that you’ve known them for years! This curvy baddie is none other than the founder of the CurvyGirl Network and the creator and master mind of Dream Big: Curvy Girl Fashion and Beauty Conference……..the Curvy Express, Ms. Natasha Williams! Natasha is a blogger and fashion stylist based out of Chicago, IL! She saw that the Midwest wasn’t receiving any love when it came to ample events exclusive to women of the plus community and decided to do something about it! From this the idea of the DREAM BIG CurvyGirl Fashion & Beauty Conference was conceived and man has she put together an amazing events with various notable panelist and speakers!

The conference will take place on October 21, 2017 in Chicago, IL at Morgan’s on Fulton starting at 10 am!!! Your girl will be there slaying and learning more about how I can break through in the fashion industry while networking my ass off! Will you meet me there?! You can purchase your ticket HERE!!! I can’t wait to see you there!

If you’d like to be apart of the volunteer staff please shoot me a message!!!

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