#ConfidenceCheck Get out of your OWN way!

I ran across this meme/pic on Instagram and it gathered me real quick because I was guilty of the truth it spoke. As I sat and read it, shame came over me instantly, and I was immediately reminded of the weaknesses that I constantly prayed for deliverance from. Here I was just last year (and the year before) praying to God to bless me with bigger and better and to reveal my purpose and passion. God literally placed amazing opportunities in my path and dropped ideas and visions into my spirit!!!

But do you know what happened?……Self sabotage happened. To me, self sabotage is when you mess up opportunities for yourself because you don’t truly believe you are either worthy of them or that they aren’t even real and attainable. With self sabotaging you don’t ever have to worry about haters and naysayers because YOU are your worst enemy. You are literally standing in your own way blocking progress and blessings.

How can you pray for greatness and when it may present itself you turn your back on it? EASY, when you don’t feed your spirit with the word of God you allow the enemy to get in your head. After each missed opportunity or me procrastinating and half doing something, I’d sit back and ask myself “Now why didn’t we pursue this? Or reach out to do that?” and I’d be completely baffled, discouraged, and ashamed because I honestly couldn’t give myself a legit reason on why I allowed a blessing to slip out my hands.

I’ve realized that you’re never going to be able to grow and level up if you continuously sell yourself short. The amount of people who are for you and support your aspirations mean nothing until you’re on board and believe in your own dreams and actually start to physically work towards the goal. In this year of pursuit I cannot afford to slack. We stall our glow up because we think we aren’t ready. That has been my personal excuse PLENTY of times. But in all actuality it’s been the fear of failing and the intimidation of the unknown. While others push past what I consider my weaknesses, I’ve gotten complacent and allowed them to waste opportunities, resources, and time. I’m long overdue for a #ConfidenceCheck and this meme was what I needed to help get things into perspective.

Greatness lives in us all…..I am finally ready to embrace it, work hard towards it, and relish in its glory.


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