´╗┐Rompers for him? ­čĄö

Yes, you definitely read that right….Rompers are now for HIM! If you don’t know or perhaps haven’t been up to speed on Rompers, Rompers are a single article of clothing (usually shorts)┬áthat serves as a full outfit. Previously being an ensemble worn exclusively by women, Rompers are definitely a great fashion piece to have during the warmer spring and summer months. Everyone knows that I enjoy and appreciate a great piece of clothing that can be worn dressed up or down. Whichever way you choose to wear your Romper, comfort comes with either.

Now I personally haven’t came to a conclusion on my feelings about Rompers for men, however I have been thoroughly enjoying the internet and these various memes that have been circulating on various social media platforms. And I mean absolutely┬álaughing my ass off! But honestly, I really don’t see the Romphim thing being a long lasting trend. However, I’d be completely surprised if it does.

Which is a LEGIT struggle when we wear them! You most definitely have to give yourself enough time to disrobe in the bathroom when wearing rompers. ESPECIALLY in a club/bar setting when the bathroom line can be super long for ladies!

Now, truth be told, if Bae looked this good in his Romphim, I’d definitely be down for this eye candy. Ladies, what are your thoughts?


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