Slaying in Gray 

Last year was the beginnng of a beautiful tradition that I started with my mom, sister, and niece. We began the tradition of coordinating our outfits for Mother’s Day by picking a color and building a look around it. This year we successfully pulled it off again. As you can tell from the pictures, we went with the color Gray…..somewhere down the line my mother had the great idea to add red with it. A bit extra, but it looked gorgeous nonetheless. I was amazed at how beautifully the two complimented each other! To be honest, I have overlooked the color gray plenty of times before when it came to my  wardrobe. It was always such a boring, gloomy looking color to me. But I know acknowledge how foolish I had been by failing to realize how much of a neutral , gorgeous color it is, and how well it brings out other hues.

Since Sunday, I have been mentally assembling outfits using a variety of colors paired with gray! I can’t wait to bring them into life!

Outfit Details: My outfit for Mother’s Day consisted of an original design that I made (yes, your girl sews a little). My shoes are some cute, red, peep toe, sling back Steve Madden pumps that I found at a consignment store. Necklace and earrings were a $1 each at the Beauty Supply store. Overall, I’d say that I pulled this look off for under $50 and that’s including the fabric I used to make the dress.

Hit or miss? Also, please send a message if you’d like for me to try out a specific color scheme or style!

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