You Throw Girl Sports Confidence Camp

In case you have been sleep or just haven’t been paying attention, girls are totally killing it! I mean we always have but in recent years especially in 2016, it seems we have completely taken over! Women all over the word are being bold as ever, walking fiercely in their purpose, and being unapologetic!!! And guess what?! I’M HERE FOR IT ALL!!!!

Last summer at the 2016 Rio Olympics, our USA Women’s Olympians completely SHUT IT DOWN!!! I mean of course I am proud to be a woman but the joy and pride I felt watching the Olympics put my pride on a completely different level! Basically a “Bra Burning”, girl power forever level! There was one Olympian who had completely showed all the way out and that is none other than the fabulous, beautiful, athletic, 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist and American Record Holder in Women’s Shot Put, Michelle Carter (aka the Shot Diva)!

I 1st met Michelle at a pageant bootcamp I was supporting in Dallas, TX during my reign as Miss Plus America 2014. She was very sweet and friendly from the beginning! And to be honest, anyone who knows me knows I have never met a stranger, everyone is family! From there I ran into Michelle maybe 3 more times after and I can honestly say it has been a pleasure to know her as well as all of my other Texas pageant family. I was elated to learn that Michelle had worked so hard with training and competing that she had solidified her a spot to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio! Michelle not only brought home the gold medal in the Women’s shot put, but she did it so effortlessly and fiercely with a full beat face! Um Hello!?!?! Yaaaaaaaasss!!!

Since winning the Olympics, Michelle has been strutting all over the US doing appearances and many speaking engagements. Always keeping her platform, You Throw, Girl, in the forefront. I have always known Michelle to love and be true to she is, a girly girl who loves looking beautiful and stylish and also so happens to be damn good at throwing a shot put! Because of her level of self confidence, Michelle strives to encourage young girls, especially those who are athletic to be empowered to thrive, live a healthy lifestyle, and be confident in their athletic capabilities. This Spring, Michelle will be having a “You Throw Girl: Sports Confidence Camp” for middle school and high school aged girl athletes. The camp will be taking place at Red Oak Middle School in Red Oak, TX. Please click here to register your daughter.

You can also be selected to win a scholarship to the camp by following the directions on the picture below!


Michelle and I back in November 2016 at the Curvy Industry Experience Mixer

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