Tips to help you push through in the new year!

Would you look at that….we’ve made it to another blessed year!!!! Happy New Year to ya!!! I can’t believe its 2017! 2016 was definitely an interesting year for me. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and my faith inĀ God was definitely tested. I buried grudges I had been carrying, and I allowed myself to forgive individuals who I wasn’t even sure was sorry for how they treated me. I started my brand and my blog, and made many connections with like-minded people.

Through it all, 1 thing that I never second guessed through my trials was my confidence in who I was! Now, I might have needed to be reminded of the possibilities that I was capable of attaining but I never allowed my mind to blame myself for my setback. I’ve found that keeping a positive attitude in the midst of your storm makes for a brighter outcome and sweet victory. Now with it being a new year I would usually make a few resolutions (that I almost never keep lbvs) but this year I decided not to. I decided to take a different approach to this year. From writing down affirmations and my vision to being faithful in my prayer time and listening to various credible motivational speakers. I will be motivated to start this year strong and end it even stronger!

Here’s a few tips that I believe will help you push through your new year!

  • Silence negative talk from within– Learn to speak positive things into your life. You wouldn’t want to be around or even talk to someone that always had something negative to say so why would speak negatively to yourself? Loving yourself is the key to having high self esteem.
  • Do what makes you feel good– It may seem vain to some but I feel absolutely amazing when I look amazing. I’m the ultimate girly girl! Hair, makeup, fashion……I love it all so sometimes life calls for a little me time that allows me to do me. Find what makes you happy and do it…….and as often as need be!!!
  • Embrace your imperfections– Sure there are things we all would love to work on when it comes to ourselves. But while you’re working on you, own and love your imperfections because they make you the unique being that you are!
  • Be your hype man– I don’t think that needs an explanation. But in case you don’t understand what I’m trying to say……STOP WAITING FOR PEOPLE TO VALIDATE YOUR DOPENESS! BE YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER……ALL DAY……EVERYDAY!!!!!
  • Develop a/ be faithful in your prayer life– Part of the thing that keeps me going and motivated is that I have developed a prayer life and I strive really hard to be consistent with it. Taking time to talk to my heavenly father daily helps complete my day. Even if I’m having a trying day or my mind wants to worry, once I pray and give it to God I instantly feel a relief.
  • Surround yourself with individuals who hold you accountable– Last year I was surrounded by some amazing individuals who spoke life and encouragement, who supported me, and most of all who prayed with me. Build your circle of friends with people who share the same values and hustle as you. You may have to cut some people off because they are stopping you from growing and that’s OK…..TRUST ME! Love them from a far and keep it moving. Everybody can’t go to where God is trying to take us.

I pray your 2017 is AMAZING!!!! I’m extremely excited to see what’s in-store for Naturally Jorrie in 2017!


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