Throwing down during the holidays!!!

Happy holidays to you all!!! This time of year is a favorite for many because it’s such an amazing season to be thankful and have a spirit of giving! But for foodies like me, we love this time of year for all the wonderful foods we get to indulge in!!!

Don’t get me wrong, people eat whatever they want whenever they want, but it’s something about the Thanksgiving and Christmas season where food just taste extra divine!!! Or if you struggle with clean eating like me but you honestly try your best, Thanksgiving seems like the ultimate reward for your efforts! 

Which brings me to the purpose of this post!!!! Many of us are trying to get our lives together and make better choices as it pertains to our health and what we put in our bodies but we also don’t want to feel like we are on punishment during the holidays either! My Zumba instructor and personal trainer, Iris, of ITL Fitness gave me 4 simple tips (YES!!! You read that right 4) to share with you on how to enjoy your holiday to the fullest without sabotaging your health goals! 

1) Drink room temperature water BEFORE eating! Doing this can result in you consuming less calories because drink water before a meal can provide a sense of fullness.

2) Watch your portion sizes! I’m sure everything is looking scrumptious BUT try just tasting a little bit of everything. Don’t let your eyes be bigger than your appetite. Plus, I’m sure you can always go back for more later.

3)  Properly chew your food and slow down…..the food is not going to jump off your plate (at least I hope it doesn’t!) so there’s no need to rush! Pace yourself! 

4) Drink room temperature water before bed to help your body digest your food faster.

Sounds pretty simple huh?! I’d also like to add that it doesn’t hurt to move around. Play some games, turn on some music and dance with the fam, or even just get up and mingle by walking around! 

 I’m getting ready to put those helpful tips to use myself before my food gets cold! I pray you have a very safe and  Happy Thanksgiving filled with lots of love, joy, and laughter!! 
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