LIPS!!! Who doesn’t love them?!

Ombre lip using MAC cosmetic's Saint Germain lipstick and Nightmoth liner
Ombre lip using MAC cosmetic’s Saint Germain lipstick and Nightmoth liner

It’s funny how sometimes we become so self conscious about certain body features until we grow up and learn to accept them and accentuate them. As a teen girl, I always got compliments from guys on my lips, and at one point I was a bit self conscious about them because of it. I didn’t want anyone to think inappropriate thoughts about them, or look at me in such a way. But fast forward to 2016, there is barely a time when you’ll catch me without some kind of lip gloss, lip stain, or lipstick on! To be honest, I don’t mind when people stare or shower me with compliments….I look forward to it. After all, I’ve invested good money and have quite the collection for my lips to be fabulous.

One of the flier beauty trends that has been pretty big in 2015 and so far in 2016 has been the ombre lip. If you follow me on my social media pages, you’d know I’m definitely a fan of this trend! Opting for an ombre lip to finish a look can make the over all makeup application pop! Even if you decide to dress casual or go for a basic look, rocking the right lips (shade and finish) can make a world of difference.

I personally choose to do ombre lips when I can’t decide on a single color lip, or if I’m looking for a little drama to finish my look. Honestly, I wear it so much I almost have to force myself to try something else. Because the Ombre lip is so gorgeous, and can be easily achieved, it becomes so addicting. Below are a few pictures of how I like to wear my ombre lip. Please note, you do NOT need to purchase a specific brand to achieve the look. It will work with any brand of lipsticks, no need to go out and spend an arm and a leg on lipsticks if you don’t have to. You simply just need a lighter pigmented lipstick/lipgloss and a darker lip liner/lipstick. Step by step post on how I achieve my ombré lip will be coming soon. 1916679_10206165812921364_6538294298086304353_n 12002920_10205210764045739_4498875638142082148_n

MAC cosmetics Ruby Woo and Saint Germain
MAC cosmetics Ruby Woo and Saint Germain


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