Got Nudes?

Recently there has been a sense of inclusion in the fashion world! It seems that designers and brands have finally accepted the truth that  beauty actually does comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s shameful that with us being in 2017 we are just getting to this point of inclusion, but no need to let my disappointment over shadow my excitement and appreciation. We can thank brands like Kahmune and Audrey Olivia, who’s brands are meant to be beneficial for every woman, despite her complexion, for their efforts.

Audrey Olivia, an intimate apparel company based out of Dallas, TX, was created to celebrate strong and beautiful women and promote body positivity. The company is apart of UI Global Brands LLC who also has another intimate apparel line and a natural hair and skin care line. Audrey Olivia merchandise can be purchased directly from their website. You can also find Audrey Olivia apparel at select Walmarts.

Like other brands such as Audrey Olivia, Christian Louboutin, NYX Cosmetics, and many others, Kahmune also joins these businesses with providing women with a product that compliments a variety of skin complexions for the perfect “Nude ” look. Kahmune, a UK based shoe company with 1 mission and 10 shades. The thing that I find extremely cool about Kahmune is that on their site to help women better determine their shade, they also list a few shades of cosmetic concealers and foundations to help you make the best selection! Currently, Kahmune is not sold in stores as of yet. In fact, the brand doesn’t officially launch their shoes until May 2017. Purchases can be made directly from their website. 

A really big kudos and congrats to these companies for their hard work, quality merchandise, and the willingness to produce great products that everyone woman can enjoy! Please check them out and show some love!


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