Girl, it’s hot! Wear the shorts!

Yes, I know the summer is over but Mother Nature has been spoiling us with some beautiful sunny days! Today alone will be a high of 88 degrees! And for a person like me who DREADS the thought of the winter, I welcome any warm day with open arms while I still can!

That brings me to wardrobe….. This summer I feel like I have seen waaaaaaaay too many covered up bodies! We have had a couple of high 80s and 90 degree weather days and I’ve watched a few women be self conscious about their attire! BABY, IT’S TOO HOT TO OVER ANALYZE ABOUT CLOTHES! I have had women tell me that they don’t wear shorts or short skirts because they don’t like this and that about their bodies, or (my all time favorite) “I’m too big for that”! Girl please, says who?!

Far too often we miss out on the opportunity to express ourselves through fashion because we care too much about what people think. You’d be surprised but sometimes people aren’t really paying you that much mind. When I get dressed, I don’t dress to impress other people, I dress to feel good. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOOKING GOOD!!!! Being fly from head to toe does something to me but being comfortable in whatever I’m wearing is a must!

I understand that society feels that when you’re a curvy girl there are some Dos and Don’ts with fashion, but to me style is subjective and I don’t believe in following fashion rules. So many curvy women feel that they can’t wear basic articles of clothing like shorts because their bodies aren’t for them. SAYS WHO?! Shorts are for whoever is for them! You simply have to find a style and look that works for you and your body and get rid of your insecurity.

I endorse shorts! I think it’s waaaaaaaaaaaay to hot to wear anything other than shorts, personally! And like I stated before people aren’t probably paying you any attention anyway…….so just WEAR THE SHORTS!


Since it is the end of September there are probably a plethora of end of season sales where you can rack up on some shorts for vacation or for next summer or if you’re blessed to reside somewhere where it’s always warm and sunny you’ve hit the jackpot!

I love rompers!!!
Feeling cool on a warm summer afternoon


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