#ConfidenceCheck: Worrying about if you’re liked

*Taps mic* Confidence check 1, 2, 1, 2!!!!

It’s so common for young pre-teen/teenage girls to constantly be consumed with always wondering who likes them and who doesn’t. The constant need of validation from people’s opinions are an essential part of growing up and maturing. But thank goodness for life experiences and maturity!!! As you get older you realize there’s a blessing in every trial and tribulation you experience…… your confidence can grow tremendously, you learn how and start validating yourself, you become your number 1 fan/cheerleader, and you begin to be very selective about your time and energy. As an adult, the last thing you ever want to be consumed with is wondering who likes you and who doesn’t. You simply don’t have the time for such trivial things because there are literally more important things to do.

Unfortunately, there are grown women (like really, really grown) who still rely on the opinions of others to validate them. And don’t get me wrong…it’s not just women who are like this. Plenty of men are out here seeking validation too. I can guarantee you’ve met or at least seen someone like this. I’m almost positive you may even encounter them everyday in some fashion.You can easily identify these people because they are same people who thrive for likes on their social media platforms. The things they post ALWAYS seem to be extremely extra (i.e. taking photos of their self crying and posting it, making vague post and waiting for people to ask “what’s wrong?”, taking pictures of themselves laid up in a hospital bed…… you know attention seeking things. Also, If you’ve ever been out with them everything they do is to gain the attention and approval of someone. When your confidence is so on fleek, your value is never contingent upon the opinions of others!

If you find yourself struggling with self confidence here’s 3 easy things to do IMMEDIATELY:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others!– If God wanted you to be like them he would have cloned them! There is so much beauty in originality and individuality! How dare you rob us by keeping your awesomeness hidden!
  2. Check the negativity at the door!– That’s pretty self explanatory. Stop speaking negative about yourself and definitely don’t allow others to speak to in  negative manner. Adapt a #NoNegativity lifestyle asap!
  3. Do what you love/ makes you happy!– When you’re struggling with confidence you depend on others to be in approval of what you have going on. THEY DON’T MATTER! The only thing that matters is your happiness and fulfillment. Once you are pleased, everyone else’s opinions are a bonus. Do what makes you happy!

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