Beautiful and bold… love for Ankara!

1 thing I’ve been trying to add to my closet since forever is beautiful garments made with gorgeous, bold, Ankara wax fabric. Ankara fabric is a cotton fabric made with vibrant colors and abstract patterns on it. Ankara is very thin and light weight, and it is perfect for making a fashion statement! Trust me, you’ll definitely turn heads and command attention.

Since college, I have been longing to own something made with Ankara. Though it wasn’t until last year that I actually found the fabric for myself. Now I see it everywhere! LITERALLY! If by chance you’re looking for it, check ebay and aliexpress for a plethora of colors and patterns. You WILL NOT find it at a store like Jo-Anns (at-least my local store didn’t carry it).

This summer has been a summer of all things new! I began praying and asking God to reveal my purpose to me, and so far I have been tapping into somethings I didn’t even know I was really interested in. Never in a million years have I ever thought I’d consider taking up sewing. But to my surprise I’m really enjoying learning the craft and making cute clothes along the way. Below is a few pics of my Ankara tent/baby doll dress. Not too bad for only my 2nd try at actually sewing huh?!?! 🙂

Because I absolutely love the boldness of wax fabric, I can most definitely assure you that I’ll be in more of it by the end of the summer and more than likely for the fall. I always try to encourage people to get a pop of color in their wardrobe, and Ankara will definitely do the trick! This fabric reminds me of myself……beautiful, bold, and regal!! If you’re going to wear it, you definitely have to ROCK IT and OWN IT!

If you have any pics in your Ankara fabric please use my hashtag (#NaturallyJorrie) so I can see how you rock yours!! You can also follow “My love for Ankara” board on Pinterest!

Dress made by ME, Shoes: Steve Madden; Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo; Hair: Model Model


image image image


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